When you lead with your cock, you often end up dividing the world into two classes: fuckable and unfuckable.

The fuckable are the ones who deserve your attention.   They are hot, malleable, worth the chase and the energy, because you might just be able to get in there and work your hot magic to experience them, take what you want, and then move on.

The unfuckable, though, are safe to ignore.   They cannot serve your purpose.  They are only worth effort if they obstruct your path to the fuckable, and then they can be destroyed by your massive fuck engine.

There are so many reasons that I end up in the unfuckable category.

It’s obvious that I am a transwoman, so in their mind I am really a guy, and guys have to be really, really, really hot to ever be fuckable.   They have little interest, they don’t want to blow their reputation, and they haven’t learned how to charm guys, so best just keep them on the unfuckable list, putting them off to one side in the cooler.

I am also smart, and smart, as many women will tell you, can get you put on the unfuckable list pretty quickly.  These men love their game and don’t really want anyone around who can see through it or challenge it.   Smart is more trouble than it is worth, so unfuckable.

Being old and having a big body are two other unfuckable flags.

Most women have the experience of being on some man’s fuckable list, even if they weren’t interested in those particular men.  They know the attention, the focus and the power that being fuckable can bring.   They enjoy being seen as fuckable, at least now and then.

Women who have slipped onto unfuckable, though, can feel the distance and the disgust of those men who use the twinkling of their dicks to separate the world. We become invisible and denigrated by a whole class of people and it feels rather diminishing.

The slide from being fuckable to being unfuckable is a challenge for many women as they age.   Having a partner who is bored with you, who now sees you as unfuckable can be crushing, especially if you have given him a great deal in trust.

For transwomen who have no experience with being on men’s fuckable list we have gaps in our experience and in our confidence.  We just don’t have the skills or the comfort in relating in that whole sphere of life.   For example, TBB saw a woman in the airport, highly polished and clearly ready to get on a plane for a booty call, and felt the sadness of never really being fuckable, never really having that power and joy.

Women who have slipped into unfuckability learn to live with the changes in their lives, taking the freedom, but still with a flicker.

Women who never really experienced their own fuckability, though, well we do feel a void, one that will never really be filled, if you know what I mean.