Dreaming In Darkness

We are back again to solstice, to the longest night of the year, at least in the part of the Earth where I am.

Waiting through the darkness for the birth of the light has been a big deal to people for thousands of years.     Humans have gathered together, made special foods, and celebrated the connections that got us through the darkness.

Part of that celebration, always, was dramatic.   We sang, played instruments, read poems, told stories, put on plays, created tableaux, dressed to the nines and generally offered up ritual performances that symbolically offered what we believed and what we knew about how we connect with the world around us.

In the darkest time, we always go inside of ourselves to turn to something outside ourselves for strength and affirmation that others have faced darkness and found light, knowing that if they have, then we can too.

Our magical creativity is a way that we have always gotten closer to the divine and magical.    We invoke a world not as it is but as we dream it would be if spirit and connection overcame the routine and selfish.   We celebrate majesty and miracles, those moments when our vision changes and we see with newly opened eyes.  We dream out loud.

When we share our creativity, we share our dreams, those visions that come from deep inside of us, from that place where our knowledge touches our imagination.  To create a new possibility we first have to see a new possibility, then share it, embodying it and making it manifest in the world.   We see miracles which allows us to believe that miracles, changes beyond expectation, can happen.

For queer people, of course, this creativity has always been the way we unlocked our own magic in the world.   When fairies and sprites are part of the season, our opportunities open up to open hearts and minds.    By playing out dreams and rituals, we break out of our habits and conventions and discover parts of us long buried in darkness under dreary and sunny expectations.

As we spend the long, dark night together, turning inward and depending on each other for care and invigoration, we share our dreams, threading together all that we have experienced or taken in and all that we created in our own imagination.

May you have someone to share your dreams with in the darkness, taking care of your basic needs and holding open space for the creative performances and rituals which allow the magic in our hearts to come and dance at this special time.

Blessings to you, not just for health and prosperity, but also for imagination beyond expectation, for possibilities laced with magic.   Art holds the key to unlock what you learned to bury deep so you could fit in, to unlock the real bliss that has always been in your heart.

In this darkest time, be a creative artist, manifesting your own dreams, and be an engaged audience, gratefully receiving and engaging the dreams of others, sharing them together in a way that affirms the magic that is with us every day but shines brightest when the world around us is dark.

In the darkness, go dream out loud.  Your dreams are the gift your creation gives to the world.

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