Funny Separate

Amy Schumer joined Jerry Seinfeld on a ride to get coffee and the conversation turned to interacting with civilians.

For both of them, comedy is easy but interacting with the everyday world is hard.

Ms. Schumer understands that in the context of dating, where her work is a challenge for men.  Her life is defined by people who are hot like she will never be, so she struggles to be a smart, funny truthsayer in the face of social expectations, always reading and breaking.

Mr. Seinfeld has recently said that he is on the autism spectrum and that is reflected in this episode with disclaimers and tricks to talk to people at a meet & greet, which they both find difficult.  “Basic social engagement is really a struggle. I’m very literal. When people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes I don’t know what they’re saying,” he said to Brian Williams.

He understands that “as a comedian, the world has a transparent quality to it.  You spend all your time trying to cogitate.”

Both of them understand the challenge of engaging people who can’t see the irony of the world, who miss the nuance,  who don’t get the joke.

Mr. Seinfeld notes that he often wants to go full metal jacket on people who don’t hear what he says, having to remind himself that they are just nice people who are doing the best that they can.   They just don’t engage the world like a comedian.

I know that I have had performers who loved it when I was in the audience because they knew I would get the joke not just on a ha-ha level but on a meta level, not looking for the laugh but for the enlightenment.  The laughs are just there to make the vision easier to take.

I’m funny but not on a ha-ha level.   I’m funny because I am sharp, cutting away convention by revealing irony and rationalization.  That’s why I understand how the laugh is easy but everyday life is hard.

If you ever feel that way, take a look at Amy Schumer”I’m wondering what it’s like to date me.

And yeah, everyone knew that Ferrari was like dating a hot guy; sexy, but bound to give you nothing but agita.