Reweaving A Life

I went to a pagan style meetup and they liked what I offered.  They asked me if I would do a programme for them, so I put together an outline.

They chose to go a different way for their November meeting with a demonologist who offers spells to cast out family members.   The choice makes sense; I’m not really magickal in their understanding of the term, using different symbols.

Since I won’t be doing it anytime soon, here is that outline.

Reweaving A Life: Heartstrings Beyond Expectation

We grow up in a world full of assumptions and expectations, learning how to be who we are through assimilation and social pressure, crafting an expression of ourselves from what we find around us, from what others find attractive. Our heart, though, may call us to something more, reaching higher and going deeper to find a more full connection with the wider world. How do we begin to claim ourselves beyond convention, learning to trust our own very personal relationship with creation?

As a transperson, Callan searches for the universal in human stories, opening her heart to our continuous common humanity. Her wit and insights have helped many to become unstuck and move toward change that allows a more whole, complete and playful expression in the world.

In her workshop “Reweaving A Life,” you will have a chance to examine who you really are, finding tools and commitment to move towards a more authentic and fulfilled self.

  • They took me on a meditation, then at the end wanted to give me a mirror to see who I really was. I threw it at the wall.
    I am not a human being having a spiritual experience, I am a spiritual being having a human experience. (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin )
  • The trans journey as the spiritual journey.
    Shaman: walking through walls between worlds that others think are real.
    Binaries are always false.
  • What are we attached to? Earth or Spirit? Symbol or Meaning?
  • The power of the acorn, of the unique spirit.
    Seat of the soul: heart.
    People are like ice cream: fundamentally the same and essentially different. Same stuff, different flavours.
  • The obligation of change. Change is the only constant.
    Normal is convention, not reality.
  • Reweaving a life around nature: My nature. Our nature. Human nature.
    Wild and Tame.
  • The experience of reweaving:
    1) Construct without consciousness
    2) Deconstruct, picking through the threads to find the power and discard the dross
    3) Reconstruct, weaving a new self that better fits your heart.
  • Flawed/Flawless. Wounds/Blessings. Conceal/Reveal.
    Where you stumble, there lies your jewel.  (Joseph Campbell)
  • Layers of truth.
    Trusting your inner knowledge over social strictures, always at a cost.
    My rule: trust the call to connection vs call to separation.
    Vulnerable vs ego.
    Growth vs comfort.
  • Forcing yourself to grow past expectation & fears into possibilities.
    Heal in your own time and your own way.
  • Authenticity. Wholeness, integration, actualization.
  • The confluence of truth.
    When you get to resonance, you will see the threads through all belief systems.
  • Not shedding or denying, rather weaving together your own shining vestments.