Your Business

You are your business.

Especially if you are the sole proprietor of a small business, the one thing that makes your business different and better is you.   You have the responsibility for setting priories, for insuring integrity, for quality and for service.

There is no way to promote your own business without promoting yourself.   As objective and modest as you want to be, it is your skin in the game, your personality on the line, your choices that are being judged.

It is also your fears that are being played out, your focus that is being tested, your energy that is being consumed.   You are the one who stands ready to win big or lose big, the one who has to be able to learn lessons and change course to face challenges and address crises.

There are reasons people like franchising, where for a price you leverage the skills and expertise of a large company to support your efforts.   Franchising is a canned way to do the smart thing, finding people with experience and smarts that you do not yet have and taking on-board their own hard-won lessons.   That doesn’t mean letting them push you around or make choices for you, because in the end, it is your business, done your way, that you stand or fall on.

It often amazes me that so many transgender people take their most powerful lessons, the vivid experience that makes them unique, and work so diligently to make that difference as invisible as possible in the world.

We live in a market where one job for life is a thing of the past.   Instead, we each have to understand ourselves as our own business, an independent contractor with skills to offer.

The more unique we are the less interchangeable we are.   We can sell our lowest skill set, or we can deliver the highest value we have to give.  The only way to offer our best is to deliberately set out to market that knowledge, skill and professionalism in the world, to be our own business.

You are your business.   You own your own possibilities and have the ultimate responsibility for making sure those skills are polished, seen, valued and developed in the world.

For people who have been taught to play small, who have internal lists of all the ways that they will be attacked and vulnerable if they expose themselves in the world, well, this is a terrifying thought.  You’d probably rather the world become more fair, allowing you to get what you need and want without having to put yourself out there and take the risk of failure.

You may know why you believe that you need to stay hidden and defended to be safe in the world.   Staying safe in the world, though, will not assist you in being successful in the world, however.

If you like it or not, you are your business.   Your choices shape your effectiveness and rewards in the market.

Why not show them the best you’ve got, offer them the superlative you?

If you really want the rewards, even the reward of being able to change the world so it reflects more of your best thinking, do you really have any other choice?