Belong Compliment

“I heard the bear who tries to keep me in the closet  telling me that because I wasn’t all made up that I was unsafe, telling me that I had to fight, freeze or flee.

“‘Bear,’ I said, “I’m going to show you that I belong here.’

“I went right up to one of the clerks and told her that I loved her nails.

“She was so sweet, saying that she thought they might be too much, that she was thinking about changing them.   She opened right up to me.

“I showed that bear that I belong in the world.  He shut right up.

“It was great.”
— ShamanGal, 9/10/2014

“It’s so easy to just dismiss a compliment, so I knew I had to sit with it.  Just spending 10 seconds or a minute with a complement gives you time to open to it, so I did that, just letting it in.   It mus have worked, because soon enough one of the other gals told me that I was glowing.   I really did feel good, seen and valued.”
— ShamanGal 9/10/2014

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