So Bloody Routine

I got pulled over for speeding on a four lane road that drops from 55 to 40 when it enters slightly more built up zone.  It was after 10 PM, there was no traffic and all the stores were closed, I was thinking about other things and I just missed the cue.  No big whoop.

It didn’t matter, though, because the sheriff’s deputy had a job to do.

The amazing thing stop was not how exceptional it was, but rather how bloody routine it was.

This deputy just does this same thing every day he works and it has become a routine part of how they fund the town. They treat the offenders with grace and courtesy because they know that this is just routine for cops, clerks, lawyers and all, just the way that they make their daily bread.

As someone who lives a very conscious and considered life, the routine, well, it baffles me. I know that it exists, of course, habitual behaviours that have just become almost automatic, patterns that just play out over and over again, but because it is so foreign to me, I don’t understand it.

My sister’s friend wants to buy a new car that isn’t available in her area. A dealer in the next state has one and is happy to sell it to her, but she was worried that it would be hard to get it registered in her state.

No problem, she was assured by the dealer. The dealers business, of course, is based on the idea that cars are easy to register, wherever, so their lobby keeps state regulations in check so the processing becomes routine. Everybody knows the steps to the dance, and they just do it, business and bureaucrats, hand in hand into the future.

In your case, the judge in Virginia got that you didn’t understand the dance, so he got an attorney to help the steps, pleading down, doing the routine.

One of my challenges about walking in the world is that everything is a big freakin’ deal for me, another effort, something to be thought through, scanned, understood, options considered, to be mulled over and written about, digested and processed, experienced deeply.

That is not, I need to remember, how most people approach the world. To them, the world is just so bloody routine, one step at a time, doing again today what you did yesterday, never a big deal but just something that can be tolerated and worked through by following the rules, taking the steps, following the routine.

I expect explosions wherever I go, but most people don’t really have any interest in or energy for explosions. They are just doing their routine, not really aware of what is happening around them unless it is just so strange that they have to gawk.

Routine baffles me. I don’t understand it.  It scares me, as I keep waiting for it to crack.  As TBB agrees, doing routine too long makes me crazy,

But I suspect that it is much more a part of the world than exploration and awareness, something I should learn to engage.