3d Grade

Janet Mock is a beautiful, well spoken woman whose tale of a trans kid coming of age in Hawaii is heartwarming and encouraging, especially when you see the woman she has become.   She started to write her personal story to reclaim it after almost a decade of passing and a white cis-gendered editor laced it with political and social context to give it substance.

Now Ms. Mock is one of the personalities she wrote about in People Magazine, being in front of the camera and drawing crowds like she did last night here.   People love connecting with her story, seeing how it mirrors their own.

“When you write, you usually write at seventh grade level,” she told the crowd in response to a question, “but when you write about trans, I think you need to write at a third or fourth grade level.   People just aren’t ready for more. They aren’t there yet.”

As someone who has been identified as the grad course in trans, I can’t disagree with her assessment.  I know that my work does not draw an audience.   That makes me feel sad and lost.

Still, there was a woman there last night who I mentored when she was a trans kid and she was very glad to see me.   At least, she said, I have something to show for my work.

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