I was searching through the Usenet archive for a “Generic Usenet Reply” I did when I came across this poem I wrote in 1998.

It very much still applies today, as the division between “break the system” and “work inside the system” activists seems to get wider and wider.


Callan Williams © 1998

I am the shock trooper
of the transgender revolution
Assaulting the entrenchment
of heterosexism ground
with my own neutered body
boldly out and queer
both woman and male
now neutered and emasculated
demanding the world
accept me for who I am
accept us for who we are

        I am the guerrilla
        of the transgender revolution
        behind the lines of normativity
        in the offices and courtrooms
        surprise revelations on
        expectations of heterosexism
        Looking as normative as possible
        but in my mind and heart
        I carry the message
        accept me for who I am
        accept us for what we are.

You sell out your truth
just to make your life easier!
Be bold and in their faces
Take the knocks and blows
savor the intense suffering
that comes from being queer
comes from being out there
where freedom is found

        You make our job harder
        we can't open the hearts of people
        when they fear an assault.
        Learn to fit in
        Learn to gain standing
        And you will find
        people with a welcoming smile.

I wear my medals boldly
Show the scars of my battles
Always ready to fight
strike against injustice
strike against normativity
bold words and actions
Standing alone
In my war
To make people free

        I keep my scars private
        And come from my love
        Ready to connect
        With those who see me
        As just another human.
        Standing together
        With friends and allies
        In the middle of the group
        where minds are changed.

You cripple our fight!
Taking all the credit
Blunting the blows
Challenging herculean efforts
with the drip drip drip of your words
Why must I fight you
When we should fight together?
Why do you choose to be the enemy
By becoming like them?

        You cripple our fight
        By demanding fanaticism
        Ignoring the truth
        that many jut want to fit in.
        Why must I fight you
        When we should fight together
        Why do you choose to be the enemy
        By attacking people like me?

This is a holy war
for the freedom of our lives.
I stand martyred
on the bloody ground.
You live nicely
in a comfortable home
mocking the sacrfice
of people like me.

        This is a process of education
        for the hearts of others
        I stand as a teacher
        in the midst of the crowd
        while you live on the edges
        playing out your martyrdom
        living out some sort of shame
        which drives you to kill
        those who can love you.

The challenge we face
        Is working together
Finding common ground
        Which honors us all
Those who fight with their queerness
        Those who teach with their normativity
Both taking a part
        in the revolution that comes

Stand up for ourselves
        Accept the love of others
Demand our own freedom
        Embrace the freedom of all
Crash down the walls
        Build bridges of understanding
Celebrate the individual
        Celebrate us all.

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