Doesn’t Understand Hate

“If fascinates me how many people are obsessed with their homophobia.   Why should they hate people who mean them no harm?  It’s like hating red telephones.”

Stephen Fry, opening to “Out Of There” BBC, 10/14/2013

If Mr. Fry doesn’t understand why the embrace of gender variance, the end of compulsory gendering is such a threat to people who rule by dint of separation and to people who have been forced into their own gendering in a way that hurts them, then he has no place hosting a two part series on being out and homosexual.

I would argue that their aggressive fears are misplaced and we need new models of gender that don’t punish same sex or same gender attraction with gender based stigma, but I do understand why this is a topic that people can get crazy about.   And I understand why fanning the fears that fuel this craziness is useful to those who use separation and fear to support their own power grabs.

But I bet that Mr. Fry doesn’t even understand that homosexuality is a form of gender variance rather than transgender being a form of sexual orientation.

Shouldn’t it be as simple as Mr. Fry suggests, that fears over dropping enforced gendering are just craziness?

Doesn’t matter what it should be.  It is.

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