One Shot At A Toilet Answer

Public discussions about trans almost always degrade into fears about usage of public bathrooms.  This seems, to many people, to be a legitimate way to surface their fears around relaxing sex based compulsory boundaries on gender lines

One attempt to answer that issue:

If I thought for one minute that changing laws to allow transpeople in restrooms would endanger our children, then, yes, I would have qualms.

The problem is that the people we want to keep our kids safe from are predators. People who behave like that don’t follow the law.  If they did follow laws, we wouldn’t have to worry, because laws about sexual violence won’t change with any change in restroom ordinances.

The people who respect the laws are transpeople who just need to have a safe place to do their business and leave.

Criminalizing those legitimate users doesn’t help keep our kids safe, I don’t think, because, sadly, those with criminal intentions are going to do what they want to do whatever the law says.

Yes, we need safe bathrooms, but they have to be safe for all people who are willing to be civil, appropriate and discreet in their use of public facilities.   We can’t just decide some people don’t deserve safe facilities under law because we fear the lawbreakers.

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