Another Trans Mission Statement

“When are you going to wear something interesting?  Look how boring your clothes are!  All covered up in black and grey. You couldn’t be more boring if you tried.  You’re beautiful.  You can do better than okay.    At the least you can wear nice colours.  Wear a nice skirt or a dress tomorrow.

“I want to say to all women who don’t dress up and have fun, you know you’re really throwing your lives away.

“Sometimes I look great, and sometimes I look ridiculous, but walking down the street in my most naked outfit makes me the happiest.  Even if I look ridiculous, I’m still doing what I want to do even though I look ridiculous, so this is saying to other people you can do what you want, don’t worry.

“A lot of women say ‘Oh, I can’t dress up because I don’t have a flat tummy,’ well, I don’t have a flat tummy and that doesn’t stop me.  I get away with it.  People don’t mind.”

Jessie the “Clapham Tranny”
The Fried Chicken Shop
, ITV, S01E01, 17 September 2013.