Coming Together

This is the week it all came together.

Short dated, highly reduced, thick cut bacon, artisan bread on sale, a deal on a big beautiful head of romaine lettuce, some generic mayonnaise and luscious tomatoes grown on the flood plain of the river just a mile or so from here.

This was my week for Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches.  This week they were affordable, outstanding and memorable.

If you only have time to say one prayer, “Thank You” will suffice.  Gratitude is powerful.

Thank you for perfect BLT sandwiches.   And thank you for the time when Rikki and Kate both went for BLTs — Jewish gals, you know — when we ate together at that coffee shop.

Thank you for the call from that collector who wanted the oxygen concentrator back and reminded me that I don’t have to duck every authority challenge.

Thank you for marked down beef bologna, for a caring call from TBB and for ShamanGal reminding me who I used to be, letting me crystallize the lessons of my life by sharing them with someone who needs the support I never got when i was her age.

This is the week the perfect BLT came together.

And if that can happen, well, maybe, just maybe, other perfect things can come together for me in the future, too.

Thank you for my life, for love and learning and for the chance to be delighted.  Thank you, mother in the sky.