Come From Light

The world never becomes brighter by darkness.   The world becomes brighter by spreading light.

We don’t get well by being consumed by disease.  We get well by spreading health.

Our lives don’t become bigger by mourning loss.  We open possibilities by embracing abundance.

It may be important to dissect our own lives by teasing out the twists, the failures, the losses, the abuse, the heartbreak, the fears and the misses.    Learning from the past is important.

But in the end, it is always more important to build our lives by finding the strengths, the joys, the possibilities, the love and the triumphs, then working to expand those aspects.  Making new choices to build a better future is more important.

Find people and organizations that affirm your health, not your sickness.  Go to the place where you are supported in growth, not in finding others to blame.

The world can be dark and hard, indeed, but only your choices can help make it more light and more loving.

Know the broken, build on the healing.

Say “Yes!” to possibility.  Say “Yes!” to moving into the light.