I was listening to a biography of John Wayne — a man whose life and portrayals merged in very interesting ways —  when one word stood out to me.

Wayne wanted his life and his movies  — were they separate? — to be “lusty.”

Such a great word.  “Full of vigour, powerful, merry, joyous

For someone whose life has been defined by delayed or deferred or denied gratification, the whole idea of lusty seems almost impossible.

That’s one reason that it’s good that TBB calls me now and then.   Her life is defined by the term “lusty,” from evenings with steaks and highballs, to trap shooting, to motorcycle riding, to karaoke, to sport flying.

She laughed about the shower her lesbian pals threw her before she went to get her surgery.    After a meal filled with laughter, they brought out gifts.  TBB quickly found that the theme was “Things You Need To Maintain Your New Vagina.”   There were douches and tampons and sanitary pad belts and more.

It was quite a welcome into the  the pussy’d set.   “I used almost all of those things in the coming months!” TBB laughs.

The most lusty moment, though, happened just a few weeks ago.   The woman next door has a new baby, and TBB came over to welcome it to the world.

TBB is just the transsexual next door there, parent of two great kids, both of whom are out of college, one getting an advanced degree in chemistry, the other heading towards being a naval aviator.    Family is what she does, taking care of her mother, and making a home for all.

I watched TBB be a big encourager at Southern Comfort Conference, but I really saw her blossom at the spaghetti dinner house party held after, where Mama Sabrina came into her own, making a meal to nourish and celebrate family.

When TBB went to see the baby next door, the grandmothers were there.    TBB immediately connected with them, and immediately offered the use of both her house and her liquor cabinet when she was off on the ship.  Both grandmothers were delighted with the offer, acknowledging the truth that while they wanted to be around to help support the first time mother, they also needed a bit of escape, of solace, and a bit of brandy, too.

The moment that was the most lusty for her, though, was the moment they passed her the new baby to hold.

Maybe it was the smell, the cooing or the trust they showed, but TBB really felt that moment of just being a Nonna as a moment of bliss.

TBB is committed to having a lusty life. Maybe not at all like John Wayne, though I do suspect they would have enjoyed having a drink together, but lusty across her life, her family, her Italian roots and her American identity.

TBB?  She’s a lusty broad, all right.  If she had a stripper name, it might even be Lusty Turboe.

And lusty looks great on her.