What’s Left

Supported my sister in doing a craft fair today.

It was good for her.  She connected with customers and artists, people valued her work and paid for it, she enjoyed the day.

She called me to talk about the day.

She has a real high right now.  She feels great.  But that feeling will be gone tomorrow when she has to wake up for work.

She has some cash in her pocket, or at least in her payment account.  And she has neat objects she traded for.  But the cash will be gone in a week when bills come due, and the objects won’t be new then either.

The only things that will last from today are the lessons she learned.  The lessons about what customers want, the lessons about running a business, but most of all the lessons about how she can be successful and happy doing what she loves.   Those will still be vital a month, a year, a decade from now.

I suggested she get a book and write about today so those revelatory stories, those enduring lessons won’t be lost, so they will be there when things get a little more dull.

Because today she feels like a success and a star because she was one.

And the lessons tell her how to be more of one in the future.

It’s the stories that endure and inform our lives, if only we let them.