Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot

Just had the report from TBB.

  1. Son is doing great after family get-together for his graduation from TBB’s alma-mater, and doesn’t yet have a date to report for training as a Naval aviator.
  2. Gal TBB met at motorcycle ride is still calling and texting, looking forward to TBB getting back home to spend time together, with maybe even a first kiss.
  3. Captain on the other boat was impressed and hopes TBB puts her name in the hat for the Chief Engineer job, as TBB really got the crew moving forward.
  4. The crew on her boat really missed her while she was off, especially one woman who pulled out her heels to say how excited she was to have TBB back.
  5. Sushi, the famous Key West drag mom, recognized TBB in the club and was thrilled to have her & her friends as guests, comping them to come back tonight.  Not only did TBB and Sushi exchange contact info, TBB also got a chance to sing.  TBB chose to do a number made famous by (wait for it) Ethel Merman.

Whatever is going on in this basement, it’s great to know that one Drama Queen has had a very good few weeks.    It’s easy to remember that the suffering of one of us is the suffering of all of us, but it’s also important to remember that the joy of one of us is the joy of all of us.

Thanks for living large, gorgeous.

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