Spiritual Bypassing

Thanks to the lovely Erin for sharing a concept I had never heard of before: Spiritual Bypassing.


I never heard of it because it isn’t really my problem.  I don’t use spiritual practice to bypass the hard stuff, to get around the difficult feelings and heavy lifting in my life.  I tend to plunge right in, knowing that “there must be a pony in here somewhere!

But I do know people who have run from me just because I am too prone to shovel the manure, which offends their delicate spiritual sensibility.   Personally, I can’t figure out how to find the jewels without shovelling the shit, but that just seems not pretty and not spiritual to them.   That’s why I often feel unsafe in overtly spiritual settings, where beauty and tranquility is valued over sweating and grunting and bleeding, all of which are vital to my spiritual process.

I’m not sure I need one more reason for people to find me too challenging, even people who think that they are spiritual, but I know it was happening anyway.

Now I have a name for it!

Thanks, Erin!

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