Green Room

In the end, performance requires performance.   You gotta bring the heat if you want to sizzle. It’s impossible to succeed unless you can play at the top of your game.

It seems to me that, in my life, I require a green room.  Not just somewhere that is off stage, but somewhere where I can build energy and prepare for performance.  Somewhere where both the performance and the art of the performance is valued and respected.

I know that I’m not leaving here with the go get’em energy that fires me up to light the world on fire. That’s a problem which often leaves what little energy I do have in the parking lot.

I have chased this performance issue down in the past, even going to a acting coach, though for a limited time and with limited results.    Being pumped up to perform is not something many encourage around here.

You need to fake it until you make it, lift yourself by bringing the best performance you can muster, and then find your natural grooves.

And for that, I need a green room.