T Girls Rock!

Katrina Goodlett came out early as a transwoman, with a mother who struggled and then supported her starting hormones at 15, with the help of Callen-Lorde Medical Center in NYC.

She attended CUNY as a woman, then, like any other woman, she built a career, starting in retail and moving into law enforcement.

It’s when she changed jobs in her early thirties.  The vetters noticed that she answered a question about selective service two different ways on different applications.

You can read the story and see a picture here.

Katrina’s working to find her place, to find her voice.    But she is sure of one thing — T Girls Rock!  And T Boys Rock too!

You can catch up with her on twitter at http://twitter.com/TGirlsRock, or at #T-GirlsRock.

And she’ll be at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference next month, learning and offering her hot tank tops so others can claim their identity and their pride.

Amanda Simpson and Katrina chatted at The Empire Conference, sharing a moment of the challenges and opportunities for transpeople who choose public service.

Expect to see more from Katrina in the future, as she continues to break the assumptions and misconceptions people hold about transpeople, serving as a proud officer to support public safety, and showing people that we can be strong with a great deal to offer.

In other words, we rock!

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