What What

I was at the TransWalk on Saturday and did my sketch on “Fear Of Fabulous.”

One gal talked about the frisson she got when she found the bright orange purse she was wearing.

The tall, genderqueer identified person looked at a butch or FTM person across the way and noted that “I get that quiver when I see someone like them!”

I took that as a cue and went into a little riff.  “Oh, I have dropped my handkerchief!  Could you possibly help me and pick it up?”

I got a smile from a couple of the other people there with that bit.

But the GQ person needed to slap me down.

“That assumes that masculinity is attracted by femininity.  That isn’t always true,” they said flatly.

“OK,” I granted.  “What do you find to be successful in attracting people like that?”

“I’m just myself,” they answered.

“Myself is great,” I agreed.  “In the end, that’s all you can offer.  But how do you start that sizzle, make that spark?”

They didn’t have an answer.

Attraction is a weird thing.  It often starts with growing intimacy — working next to someone, seeing them regularly, etc. — or it starts with a bit of role playing.   A bit of flirting to fan a spark into a bit of a flame.

I’m going to tell you.  I don’t much trust my ability to flirt as a woman.  And that really limits my expression.

But that moment felt good when I did the bit at the walk, even if another said I missed it because I enacted a stereotype.

I have a week of exposure coming up at The Empire Conference.

And I think I might just try to flirt a bit.

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