Take A Moment

Take a moment.

Take one moment of your life when you felt something strongly.  It doesn’t matter what you felt — envy, pity, disgust, love, rage, compassion, shame, regret, delight, whatever.  Just take a moment when you felt something strongly.

And then tell me about what it was like to be in that moment.  What got you there?  What did you want to do?  What did you end up doing?   What would you have done differently?  What did that moment reveal to you?  What did you know to be true in that moment?

Share that moment with me.  Share that moment with the world.

And then you can own that moment.  You can own that feeling, you can own that pull, you can own that history, you can own that choice, you can own that desire, you can own that forever.

That’s what emotional process is.  It’s understanding what triggers your choices, understanding what choices you made, understanding how those choices turned out, understanding what you would do if you could choose again.

That understanding unlocks your freedom in the only moment you ever have freedom, in that moment between stimulus and response.

That understanding lets you find the strength to change what you can change, lets you find the serenity to accept what you cannot change, lets you find the wisdom to know the difference.

Sharing that real moment is a step away from expectation, away from the way things “should” be.

Because, in the end, life is nothing but a series of moments.  It’s just how good our choices are in each moment that decides how good our life is.

So take a moment.   Take a moment to understand.  Take a moment to consider.  Take a moment to reflect.  Take a moment to feel.  Take a moment to think.  Take a moment to share.

Taking that moment can make your next moment better.

And making your next moment better is the only way to build better relationships, better products, a better life.

So take a moment and value it.  Value it enough to share.

And that will make each moment count just a little more.

Take a moment.