Blessing Your Dreams

Do you want to bless your dreams?

Do you want the universe to smile on you, leaving you feeling like you can face the world and create the magic you know is inside you?

If you want that in your life, the way is simple.

The first thing you have to do is to bless the dreams of others.

It’s not important what you think of their dreams.  You may see them as misguided, as far fetched, as misdirected, as shallow, as silly, as inane or any other thing.

But you still have to bless them.

Blessing dreams isn’t about blessing the outcome other people think they desire.  It has little to do with their imagined goals at all.

Instead, blessing dreams is blessing the process of dreaming.   Blessing dreams is blessing the power of following dreams to take us where we need to go.

“Yes,” you are saying, “go on that journey to follow your bliss.  And that journey will help you sort things out, help you get more centred, help you become enlightened, help you see more clearly..

“Yes, chase your dreams and see where they take you, knowing that every experience, if it turns out the way you imagined or teaches you something new is a gift.’

When you see someone who has something you want, who is going for something you want, bless them.  Blessing their experience of success and abundance is blessing your own experience of abundance.

We get by giving.   When we engage others with a positive attitude, we get a positive attitude in return.  A rising tide lifts all boats.

Blessing the dreams of others is what gives you permission to bless your own dreams, rather than just being a balloon buster who knows how to see potential flaws, even where those flaws are far from fatal.     Where we stumble, there lies our gift, so often stumbling blocks hold seeds for success.

If you want to have your own dreams blessed in the world, your first challenge is to bless the dreams of others.  Help them find their power and grace, help them move forward.

And as you do that, you will find more of your own power and grace, you will move forwards.

Blessing their dreaming is blessing your dreaming.

And having your dreaming blessed is what I wish for you.