Party Girl

I have spent some time looking at today’s representations of transgender people on the internet.

Clearly, the largest quantity of images are of what we used to call non-op transsexuals, specifically those who have chosen to make their living working as “she-males” in the porn business.  Years ago I noted that most of these women look much happier when a penis comes their way rather than when they have to use their own penis.   That made sense to me, as while I understand that while a living can be made playing a fantastic creature, the urgency to have your body femaled wouldn’t seem to often come with much joy about having your own penis.

The porn business mostly attracts dollars from those identified as men, and men value penises.  As for me, penises don’t do much at all for me, and can easily be a turn off, even when I am looking at transwomen who have taken the porn money to help shape their bodies for their own expression.

But the crowd who really get me squicked are the self-defined aspiring sissys.

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Jerick Hoffer is one smart (and beautiful) queen.

Probably the best narrative I have even seen on the call to drag, the power of drag.  Brilliant.  Amazing.

Drag Becomes Him” – Jerick Hoffer into Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon: “Overnight” (Drag Becomes Him #2)

And since I worked on the first non-Broadway production of Company at MIT, and eventually lost my virginity (to a nice, soft butch) to the Company OBC album, I loved this performance:

Jinkx Monsoon Sings Sondheim