between travellers and tourists, i know that i’m a traveller.

i journey for exploration, not entertainment, hoping i come back changed.

between queer and straight, i know that i’m a queer.

i see humans as unique individuals and not simply as group members, looking to find nuance and complexity rather than to affirm my expectations.

i believe in discipline and challenge, working to become better every day.

all this means that i have to stay curious.   i need to learn, understand, collate, connect, and reveal everyday.

it is the incurious who baffle me.

how can anyone not live in the questions?

who are you, what are you trying to say, and what can i glean from you?

help me understand, help me see, help me grow.

i meet people.

and one thing that is most saddening to me is when
they don’t seem to be curious about me
at all.

hidden may not be the same as lost

but they are deeply related.

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