Asked And Told

TBB is out on the ship now.

Well, it’s more that TBB knows she is out on the ship now, and that’s good.

Since the first things you find when you Google her name are testimony before Congress on transgender job discrimination and a feature length documentary on the sex change capitol of the world, well, I doubt she was really “in the closet” for very long anyway.

And while I love her, she passes as transsexual, not as female.  Bones, voice, all those things, you know.  I said to her “Well, you ain’t 5′ 2″,” and she readily agreed.  Of course, that didn’t stop her from asking me not to go with her to her Salsa classes; her born-female pal said that being with another transwoman would out her.  It’s been two years now, though; I think she is past that.

In the end, she is a pro, really good at what she does, mature and trustworthy.  That’s enough, it turns out, even for a veteran of the submarine service, who as management doesn’t think they did enough to ensure her a safe & comfortable work place, nor that they acted rapidly enough to address threats to her.

Years ago a friend who was working so hard to keep her head down at the local addiction clinic where she worked came in and found an article that mentioned her trans activism on the bulletin board.  The note was from the boss, congratulating her on being noted.  It turned out she wasn’t really in the closet, either.

TBB feels good that people are finally relaxed enough to talk about “the elephant in the room,”  though she notes that much of the old elephant is now located in medical waste dump in Utah.

In the end, it’s better not to have to hide.

And better to know that a woman can get respect and dignity, even if she happened to be identified as male at birth.