My mother wants me to go to the cheap dental clinic and have my teeth fixed.

To her, that means rippped out and replaced by false ones.

She doesn’t want me to go to be healthy or to avoid pain.

She doesn’t want to look at my teeth.

It’s the same as hiding the cracks under the rug; it’s not suffering, pain, or bad health that’s the issue, it’s that my mouth disturbs her.

I find this massively offensive, the same as her tacit request that I not appear queer.

And she finds my resistance incomprehenisble.

There are bigger issues for my long term health, even if they are not visible to her.

But as my mother, she doesn’t care about my health, she only cares about what discomfits her.


Wanna bet she’ll try to have my sister strong-arm me again and hurt me even worse?

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