Got a call from TBB while I was marketing for Parents return.  Currently, I accept calls from the Philippines.

She had been through a number of G & T’s and was feeling no pain.   The Chief and TBB shared a few drinks; that was good.

On the ship, she has learned not to make waves, but to work with discipline and precision.   The Chief has come to value that, but TBB, well, she is longing for space to make waves; her performer part is potent.

I think that may be what we share, the combination of logical engineering discipline and flaming emotional performance.  She’s off the ship for a month or two soon; that will be good.

She loved the bar.  She heard Neil Young songs and thought it was a tape, but no, it was a live performer, a great live performer.

A little person.

The Hobbit House in Manila is a bar owned by and employing little people.

Lots of them.

“I like this place,” she told me, after her five G & T’s.

“I feel safe.

“I just know that I’m not the only freak here.”

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