Readying To Reveal.

This weekend i made some progress but am looking for help.

How do you find the right bra??

It kept creaping up on my all night under my blouse and was uncomfortable.

I am realizing that real brests would help stop that but…. so what can we do about this?

I think i am ready to drop the pants and pull on the skirt,

Is there one willing to help me dress prior to hitting the bar on a sat?

I am not real concerned about makeup and wig but am willing to if someone can help

     List Post


And in the end
what transgender comes down to
is the process of finding solutions
to all those challenges of self expression
that require clearer self knowledge
as well as a wider knowledge of the world
because through that journey
we bring
who we show ourselves to be in the world
who we know ourselves to be inside
closer together
working the challenge of the mirror
serenely accepting what we cannot change
powerfully changing what we can change
gaining the wisdom of knowing the difference.

It may seem as simple as
finding a bra that works
but in so many ways
it is a step to
actualization & enlightenment
opening to blossoming
readying to reveal.

We transform as we can in every moment
and resist as we need to in every moment
the resulting friction burning away what is not real
polishing our heart and our expression
to mirror each other.

Each step is our step
and no one can take us where
we are not ready to go
but when it is time
we leap with no vengance
a step into flight.

Show your outcomes
Shine your choices
Beauty & Power

Why the fuck not?

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