I think when Marci did my surgery,
she took out my funny bone
because I don’t find anything funny anymore.

Well, that’s not completely true.

TBB, 7 March, 2009

When we did the VP Awards at IFGE 1998 Toronto, TBB played a wild crossdresser, and I played a transsexual woman whose consciousness raising group had decided I should be earnest from now on, not be funny anymore, not be one of The Drama Queens.

Luckily, there, an audience, a giant TV screen and a spotlight loosened us both up quickly and we went on to be funny.

Now both of us feel like we have to keep our heads down, and that’s not good, as I realized coming out of the highway rest are men’s room last night.  TBB doesn’t understand why, but I found it hilarious that I was trying so hard to keep my head down and still screwed up.  I’m not the first woman to make that mistake, won’t be the last, and with a laugh I survived it.

More laughter, please.