So, am I in or am I out?  Am I lost or am I found?

The answer, I suspect, is “yes.”

Was at a networking session the local Gay & Lesbian center did last night.

On one hand, I was a lost tranny people avoided.  The young people passed me up because I was old, and the old people passed me up because I was just a bit too queer for nice Gay & Lesbian people.

On the other hand, for people with whom I have established a connection over the last 15 years, it was a pleasant reunion, a networking meeting.   Former director, young academic, all that.

In other words, breaking the ice is hard, especially when I don’t have a simple story to tell, but once the ice is broken, people know, like & value me.

This blog may be quite the same.  Newcomers often find it quite daunting.  I remember one secondhand comment that someone wouldn’t read it again because “it isn’t positive enough.”  But there are a few for whom it has enough value to be kept on the short list.

I watch, looking for clues and patterns.  Quite an observer, I am.

And sometimes, I actually perform and make connections.

Because, well, because that’s the way I roll.

Or the way that I don’t roll.