And, So, This Is Christmas

And so, this Christmas I join the millions of other people around this country who have been defrauded by people who want to sell out their honesty and integrity to make a quick buck.

This seems to be the theme of Christmas 2008, from the Bush Mortgage meltdown to the Madoff scandal.

I have lost much less than many, at least in dollar terms.

But while for the perpetrators of these schemes it is about dollars, for those who were defrauded it is about some deeper loss.  Some loss of trust and of hope, some loss of dreams and of faith.

It certainly feels dark and cold where I am.

I need the light and warmth that TBB offers.

But I also need the light and warmth that lies trapped inside me.

My mother has made this defrauding about her, another of her failures that prove life sucks and you can’t die fast enough.

I need joy and exuberance, the intensity that the birth of a new baby full of possibility and the power of redemption can bring.

Anyone seen that stuff around?