Thanks For Possibility

Again, a Table Grace:

Today, we give thanks for all we have — food, shelter, health and connections — as we should do everyday.

On Thanksgiving, though, we also need to look deeper.  Today, for example, we give thanks for our history.  We give thanks not just for the moments when we got what we desired, but also for the moments when instead we got a lesson, a miracle that changed the way we see the world, making us wiser and more centered.  We live in time, and time passes us, transforming moments to memories, writing the experiences of our fresh flesh into our deeper soul.

Most of all, on this Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for one of true miracles of time, for time offers us not just giving the lessons of time past but also offers us the possibilities of time future.  I truly believe that you stop living when you stop learning, and in every moment until we leave this world we have the possibility of transformation, of learning new and changing choices.

Thank you for not just for yesterday and today, but thank you also for tomorrow.  Thank you for another dawn of new possibility.   May we be present in that possibility with an open mind, an open heart and with open hands, ready to learn, to grow, to change, to blossom, to write.

Thank you for all the tomorrows we have lived through, and thank you for whatever tomorrows we have yet to come, for every tomorrow is another chance for divine surprise, the surprise that enlightens and empowers.   Tomorrow we again have the chance for change, the chance to choose again, the chance to learn and the chance to become better.

On this Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the gift of time, time past, time present and time future, time to live and to learn, time to love and be loved.  We share this time together, present not only with each other but also with people we have loved in the past, holding the possibilities of what we will love tomorrow.

Thank you for the time here with these people, the time here in this beautiful world.  May we be grateful for the moments we are given, holding them precious and using them well, for each one is a gift from you.