Full Time Crossdresser

I congratulate Stu Rasmussen on his election to another term as mayor of Silverton Oregon, a position he has held in the past.

The big difference with this election is that Stu is out as trans, which to him means having long hair, breast implants and high heels.

Stu still identifies as a straight man, though.  He is with a woman-identified partner in a heterosexual-identified relationship, loves motorcycles and all that.

I salute and affirm his personal expression, his taking that right and running with it.

It’s just that on some deep level I don’t understand it at all.

I understand the pragmatism of being a full time crossdresser, not having to walk across walls and take risks to identify as a woman, I do.

But I don’t understand the desire, any more than I understand sissys who want to be men humilated into some kind of feminine expression, or drag queens who want to swing their dick out from under a mini-skirt.

To me, gender expression is expression, showing something about you.  I have called gender a form of advertising, showing your training and your inclinations.

To me, anyway, my guy-in-a-dress days were a pragmatic expression of what I hoped would be possible, a bit of costume play that took me closer.

But that expression never really worked for me.  Now I believe it was because I was never really a guy, never really cocky enough to handle a cock well at all.

I know myself as a woman, whatever I look like, and whatever people around me want to believe, which is often the heterosexist notion that birth genitals define everything.  They can have their opinions, but I can have my heart.

I don’t get men, not that I ever really did, and that includes men-in-dresses.

That doesn’t stop me from affirming Stu Rasmussen and his community service, or affirming all the other guys-in-dresses that walk through the world.

I just hope that they don’t tell people what trans means based only on their choices, beliefs and experiences.  TBB has acknowleged that in the past few years she has come to understand what I was telling her when she was a crossdressing husband, acknowleging she never could have gotten it as a man-in-a-dress.  To her, the key to crossdressing was denying her womanhood, and that means she screened out the womanhood in others.

Congratulations, Mayor Rasmussen!  May you continue to make the world safer for a wide range of transgender expression!


2 thoughts on “Full Time Crossdresser”

  1. I had the same reaction when I read about Stu Rasmussen and then saw the MSNBC video interview.

    I’m very happy for his victory and willingness to step out into the public eye.

    I admire his courage (I don’t know that I could live in that “in-between” place where he is,) but like you, “I don’t understand it at all.”

    Fortunately, my understanding isn’t necessary for me to support his right to be who he is.

  2. I salute the mayor, but even more I salute the people who elected him.

    As for understanding him, I personally don’t feel a need to understand people so much as accept them.

    To be honest, I often find that people who seek to understand me are people who have some barrier or discomfort in accepting me.

    They are the people who when given the opportunity to ask me, or any other post-surgery trans person, about our experience will immediately ask if we regret doing it.

    This has nothing to do with actually wanting to understand my experience, it’s really all about themselves.

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