Today, I had to go with my father to the stairlift joint.  He has a plan to put two straight stairlifts in, something that the stairlift people say will not work if you have a 45 degree angle turn in your stairs, resulting in a pie shaped landing.

We got honked at from behind when he quickly braked to get into a left turn lane.  I let it go.

We missed the right turn because I couldn’t change his course fast enough.  I let it go.

We turned left as he wanted rather than right as I wanted at the next turn.  I let it go.

We missed the turn into the place even though I was chanting “Right Now, Right, Now!”  He told me he wasn’t looking at the big sign.  I let it go.

We tried to back up out of a bus pull off into a traffic lane of a major road.  I let it go.

You see, this is what I have to do with my parents.  I have to let things go.  They just can’t do what I want them to do, so I let it go and just try to do it again.  I know that demanding more from them will not work; they are limited and stress does not create change.

They are away this weekend and I won’t have access to a car.  I let it go, just like I let go the story session last week or the lobbyist job for trans, or whatever the hell else.  I let it go.

I think about people are incredibly judgmental.  They always know what is right and how other people are wrong, are fuck-ups.   They can’t let things go, even when it is none of their damn business.

But when people attack or demand, what else can I do but let it go?

That seems to be the only choice.