18 Months

18 months after announcing that they were transsexual, LA Times Sports Writer is back to calling himself Mike again.

It makes me crazy that the HBA model of transsexual as illness requires definitive and final claim of identity just to come out and force the door open in the workplace and the family.

I gave a heads up last August on this:

When you first come out as a transgendered person,
you spend your first year in absolute euphoria.
Then reality sets in,
and you have to make a life and deal with the stigma.
Joan Roughgarden, NY Times Magazine, 9 May 2004

Making a trans life is very hard, no matter what people who have never tried it want to believe.   It’s all well and

To me, balancing history, obligation and expression in a culture that abhors complexity is ripping.

My best wishes to Christine/Mike, whatever they need now.

And my best wishes to all the rest of us who need to emerge as trans.

May you all be able to explore your possibilities before you have to finally claim them.

2 thoughts on “18 Months”

  1. Autumn – I’ll quote from my own blog article on the subject. You’ve not lost a friend, you see.

    Those of us who are married now know the feeling our wives had at the loss of their husbands. We try to explain that the packaging has changed, but the person inside remains the same, but now we know how difficult that is to truly believe.

    It’s true though. And he could do with two things – not being exposed to the limelight, and our truly unconditional support in whatever he decides is right for him.

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