Someone Hits Me

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Date: 2008-10-14, 6:00PM EDT

Once Upon A Time there was a Tranny named Callan:

He was very very bitter because he was unable to be truthful as to who he really was, and how he really treats people. Remarking and bad mouthing people in his online WordPress blog, thinking that anyone really reads it, he would go on and on and on about people, places and events to which he never had the courage to attend himself as ‘herself” to which the response is always the same: stay in and bitch about it on his pathetic blog entitled,” The Loneliness Of A Long-Lost Tranny.”

Now people around this self-proclaimed Lost Tranny already KNEW that this was just another case of a poor self imaged tranny who doesn’t have the guts to stop freeloading off of his 80-something parent’s income, and go live the “independent girl’s life.” Instead he finds himself unable to become close to women of any kind. And this even includes those in “his” inner circle. Feeling constantly like a failure for not REALLY coming out to the world about who HE really is, the best thing “he/She” can really do now is put down all the women(both male AND female) that HE/SHE knows.

What’s it like Callan to live such a pathetic life, reciting fiction-truths about those around you who are actually LIVING their own lives? You know, the ones who aren’t afraid to be “out there” in the world with all of their imperfections and all while you stay in night after night only being able to “imagine and write away” how the rest of the real world is living their lives?

Tsk. Tsk. You’re not even a decent man and hardly a believable Gossip Girl.

Indeed Lost Callan, you truly are…..a lost soul indeed………

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  • 5 thoughts on “Someone Hits Me”

    1. referring to american christians, christopher hitchens has sardonically noted their very christ-like love and respect for one another.

      one gets the same impression of the various tribal types of transpeople, and especially transwomen. their compassion and perception of context, their acknowledgment of shared pain in variant lives, and above all their capacity for reflection and empathy, is truly a marvel.

    2. Because this person claims to understand what people around me KNOW and includes details not included on the blog, I assume that it is not a transperson, but rather someone who has contact with my family.

      As you note, our rants always tell more about us than the target of our rage. Their words are much more about them than about me, even if in their acting out they slash at others.

      I think this person has exposed themselves as toxic here, probably not for the first time.

      Thank you for your comment.

    3. TBB offers this:

      Whoever wrote this about Callan simply knows nothing about her. He/She knows nothing of the tremendous work Callan did for the community in the early and mid 90’s and continues to do thru this day via personal outreach to individuals. The person who wrote this only wanted to hurt another trans person. He/she was not even brave enough to identify himself to Callan so that she could know who her attacker was. In my book that makes this person a coward.

      I find it quite ironic that this coward should be throwing darts at Callan, a person who has dedicated her recent years to cooking, cleaning and taking care of her parents in there old age. This includes all the unmentionables associated with such a task. In doing so, Callan has sacrificed her own transition, putting her parent’s needs first so that they would not have to be placed in a nursing home. Something any good daughter would do, right? So who are we to judge another persons gender, wherever they are in transition. I know Callan Williams. She does not need a dress and makeup to be complete. She is always Callan, no matter how she is dressed or appears. If Callan’s blog bothers you so much, don’t read it, but obviously you found something there that hit a nerve or a cord because that’s what Callan does in her writing. She makes you look deep into yourself and sometimes you don’t like what you see. Instead of attacking Callan, the person who wrote this should get busy taking their own advice. Perhaps it is you who needs to get a life.

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