My Job, Their Job

So like, back in the early 1980s I put a mix tape together for a counselor.

This was the key song, Mac McAnally’s It’s My Job, off of Jimmy Buffett’s 1980 Coconut Telegraph.

Even in those days I understood that my job was to be different from the rest, though these days I spend most of my time cleaning up the mess my parents make.

These days, I just wish those assholes on Wall Street remembered what their job was — “to be worried half to death.”

But no, the needed to be profligate with other people’s money, and could get away with it in such a lax regulatory climate.

So many reasons this administration will go down in the history books.

One thought on “My Job, Their Job”

  1. It’s interesting (and enjoyable) to see you do a political comment. When I think of reviving my moribund blog I consider doing it as a commentary on events–the stuff I think about so often when making dinner or walking Wonder.

    Yes, the bank and finance funds people screwed up their job, creating and living in a fantasy bubble of wild risk, with the belief that somehow they would never be caught.

    But the real people who let us down were the regulators, like Alan Greenspan, who simply ignored that aspect of his job, and the government people, such as John McCain, who removed the few regulations that were in place.

    Someone commented that it doesn’t make sense to be outraged at the sudden discovery that Wall Street people were greedy.

    If greed was not a strong force for them would they have done that work, with all its stress?

    Since greed is, or should be, a given, the job of government agencies should be to monitor these greedy people.

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