Southern Discomfort

I need this workshop:

Southern Discomfort: Loving Your Intense, Queer & Ecstatic Self

However you filter it, your trans nature comes from the deep pit of your soul.  It is not something you chose, it is something you are, a way you were created.

Because your trans nature is so deep, so intense, and so potent, it can scare people.  It can scare even you.

This workshop will help you find the beauty inside the fear, the grace inside the energy.  We will focus on ways of opening to the ecstatic and letting it lift us to being the champions of eartly transformation we were born to be.  To trust the intensity that drives us past the lines of convention we have to trust that others have released their own unique, queer nature and made change in the world.

We have opportunities everyday to show how assimilated and responsive we are, but we rarely have opportunities to show how powerful and brilliant we are.   Celebrating our own wild nature, releasing our wit and our laughter, revealing the world as seen from beyond tiny walled boxes, we can acknowlege, validate and celebrate the immense and intense power that lies in every human soul.

We may be the knives that slice away layers of expectation to reveal connected and connective humanity, but we are beautiful knives, and we need to learn to glitter in the sunlight, not hide in darkness.  We don’t just share the pain of being shamed into the closet because others fear us, we also share the ectasy that leads us to break down closet doors and reveal our beautiful inner selves.

We will share the fear and through that sharing move past fear to find the awesome and amazing beauty that lies behind every human expression, every trans expression.   We will reinforce each other in our big, bold brilliance, supporing each other in being loud, proud and graceful.

This is a place for people ready to embrace their exuberance, for the first time or again, and sing the song their creator placed in their heart.   It is a place to be both disquieting and lovely, perfect and perverse.

Are you ready?

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