Back from her first tour, TBB got the letter explaining why the huge relabeled painting and the climate didn’t consitute sexual harassment.

To do this, the state had to interview everyone about what they knew about her, how they felt about her, and when they knew it and when they felt it.

“It was just so surprising to find out what everyone knew or thought they knew,” she said, reminding me of a friend who thought she was stealth, but found a congratulatory posting on the bulletin board for her work in trans rights.  Everybody knew.

To be a tranny is to walk in a minefield, not knowing, waiting for the third gotcha.  What do people know, what do people think they know, what do they expect, what will set them off?

The state paid to build a map to the minefield that TBB was walking through everyday at work.

And to TBB, well, it’s just mind blowing.