Vision Of New Blooms

A transwoman wanted words of support after cutting loose her wife, apparently a requirement to follow her own path.   She was surprised, though, that breaking this long-term pair-bond relationship still made her feel bad.

I offered

The only way out of hell is through.

While death may be required for rebirth, it’s still death.   And it is the death of the hopes, expectations and assumptions that always cost the most suffering.

You know how much you have to cut ties, but I know that in the end, it is making and venerating connections that brings joy.

In the dark times when you do the dark work, all you can hold onto is whatever gives you faith that something new and better is out there for you.

I am sorry for your loss.

None of us can go through this dark winter for you.  It is your path, made with your choices.

But it is my experience that every winter also brings the promise of spring.

May the vision of new blooms cheer you through the lonely night, however long it lasts.