Roots & Sky

TBB has big, big stories.

Last night, she jumped right in and helped with first response to help someone having an epilieptic seizure.  This was just after she did her first fuel bunker move in 25 years, just miles off of Waimea Bay.

Three weeks ago she was sweating exams, two weeks ago she was facing challenges, a week ago she was flying to Hawaii, and now she is in the hot tub at Midnight under Pacific skies.

She’s back and reclaiming her maritime roots, working under a Chief Engineer who is 27 years old and a woman. It feels great for her, away from history and trans, feeling capable and back doing what she loves, after other women have paved the way.

Now, when she gets off this cruise it’s back to Richmond and to the NYC premiere of her movie, which details the story of being in history and trans.

TBB is back and doing what she loved enough to pursue as a kid; back feeling competent, capable and valued; back to someplace completely new and completely connected.

TBB doesn’t write stories, she lives them.   She is big, dramatic, humble and gracious, gifts from God and gifts to God.

TBB always brings this energy with her, moving along and creating space for others to believe in their own stories too.

Now, this may not be at all where I am, but you gotta admire it when you see it, or at least I do.

Big stories tell big lives, and big lives come from big hearts.  I believe that.

I kind of wish other people did too.