Only Six

TBB talked with Donna Rose about Wall-E, then Donna Rose went to see the movie and blogged on it.

Jillian Todd Weiss read Donna’s entry and made a lovely blog post on loneliness, which has always been the theme of this blog: The Loneliness Of A Long Lost Tranny.

I spoke with TBB about it this morning.

It feels like a circle to me, reminding me of my old observation that there are only six trannys in the world, which I mean like Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon; we are so thin on the ground that there aren’t more than six of us between each other, at least in our own country.

And while that connection should feel affirming, well, somehow, it reminds me of how alone we each are.

In other news, I brought my father up to date on TBB’s testing, and listened to how I just dropped pronouns, so I didn’t have to lie — he knows TBB is a transwoman — but didn’t have to irritate him either.  How weird.