People love flow. It feels so good when we are carried along, with a purpose a focus. Andy Rooney still misses WWII; the shared goals made everyone feel closer.

But flow has mostly given way to fragmentation and multitasking, to separation and serving the machine.

Marketers and TV producers — basically the same thing — understand this. And they have a solution.

Simuflow. It’s like flow, only it’s synthetic and fabricated. Flow with the real life removed, not reality, but reality substitute. And, much like Olestra, the fat substitute from P&G, it slips through us so easily that we end up with a lot of leakage.

Simuflow is designed to keep our attention without any of the challenging nutrients of real flow. It’s those store bought red shoes that keep us dancing out of control, even as they remind us of the red shoes we made by hand, only these are shows, not shoes.

When flow is too hard, then reach for simuflow, and you can feel good because you can share it with everyone, rather than having to make it for yourself and your family.

Simuflow. It’s letting producers simulate flow for you, about letting their own choices replace your own.

And it will keep you sick.

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