Big, Big Stories

TantraGal got her work name on the front page of the local paper today.

Unfortunately, it’s in the first paragraph of a story on websites that offer access to illegal sexual services.

I really don’t believe she offers those services, but she does do naked massage with clients.

And she does, like so many of us too people, leave a huge wake.  Her stories are big, really big, big in a way that almost seems soap opera, yet not with cheap little drama, but with real waves that intersect and crest from Munich to India.

TBB is like that.  Her week, from LA to Washington, has been huge.  It’s not that she tries to make messes, no, rather it is that where she goes she carries her energy with her, and people are aware of her presence.

For me, though, working so hard to make only stories that fly under my parents radar, seeing my sisters be out there reminds me of how much I chafe.   I believe that I might be big too, that I might have the hammer of Odin hanging over me, ready to clear the space and make big, big stories.

Big, Big.

Not small.