We see a girl from the back, and as she turns around, we notice that her clothes are so huge that she is swimming in them.

“Mom!” she yells.  “These just don’t fit me, they just don’t!”

“Everyone wears that size,” Mom replies.  “We know what’s best for you, so do what you are told.”

The girl shrugs in resignation and frustration, and walks down the stairs, scrunching up the clothes and holding them up, but she trips on the stairs.

We see her walking up to school in these clothes, wrestling with every step.  She passes a boy in very small clothes, tight and gapping, and they nod hello to each other.

As she struggles to climb the steps to the school, the voiceover kicks in.

“Imagine if what people expected from you just didn’t fit.  How would you handle it?”

On the screen, the tag comes up and is announced.

“Transgender.  It’s not about the clothes, it’s about the person inside them.”

2 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. not bad. not bad at all.

    now let’s see… we can do this steadycam and then postpro it with a joystick for a verite feel… we’ll need to narrow the digital aperture to give it some sense of urgency… maybe a cool blue color cast to set the mood… and do you want to do the billowing folds of that dress CG or practical?

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