Went to a diabetes food thing with my mother yesterday.  The presenter had little wit and a less than deep understanding of the issues, but she could work the slides and did care about her three participants.

The bad thing with diabetes is capillaries.  When blood has too much sugar, because the sugar isn’t metabolized into the cells, either because of low insulin or resistance to insulin, it gets gummed up in the capillaries.  The capillaries in the eyes, in the kidneys, in the peripherals, all that.

This morning Regis was talking about his visit to the dialysis center at Washington Hospital.   People who live with machines, people who wait for transplants, people who have challenges because they didn’t take care of themselves.

I understand the issue.  And I understand why the American Medical Association House Of Delegates yesterday passed a resolution in favor of financial support of transgender medicine.  Too many of us learn to deny too well, and that mental cost is paid over time in our bodies.

Like mine.

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