i want to kill trannies

Today, someone found this blog searching for the phrase “i want to kill trannies.”

I see all sorts of “Search Engine Terms.”  For example, today there was also “do trannies like women?” and “crossdressing as heterosexual man’s fetish.”  Yesterday I got two hits on “i hate trannies,”  which is also listed as one of my “top searches.”

But “i want to kill trannies” chills me.

26 thoughts on “i want to kill trannies”

  1. I’m sure this isn’t about me.

    But then again, almost all violence is about the rage of the perpetrator, and not about the victim.

    Thanks for your concern, but it’s just another reminder of a life spent waiting for the “third gotcha.”

  2. i fuckin want to kill trannys too. for my boyfriend fckin cheated on me with a tranny hooker. i dont wana fuckin touch him he might have HIVS or some kind of fag disease. and before andy one fuckin judges me i was the least homophobic person out there. i had gay friends, lesbian friends what have you… one day i find on my fiances ipod “tranny escourts” i fuckin hate fags now, and i wana start beated trannys senseless in the Church – wellesley area fuck fags

  3. i know how to type. i just need glasses and can’t see what i’m typing.i dont know what happen to me. i was the girl that made friends with trannys and gays and went out dancing with them . but after ive been betrayed its fuckin hard to not wna fuckinsnap their dicks in half they’ll NEVER be the woman i was BORN to be,

  4. i gave this guy everything and all he fuckin left me is evidence he fucked a tranny and a broken rib shortly after i found out….. SOOOO SORRRY IF I FUCKIN OFFENDED ANY GODDAMN FAGS IN THIS ROOM

  5. this is the SECOND time i dated someone serious and they turn out to wana cheat on me with “dick” not pussy, so im fuckin upset and want to hurt things. i will NEVER be cool with a tranny ever again.

    1. Respect. Finally a real woman. And yes you’re correct, trannies have plenty of gay related diseases. This is why girls in the porn industry are scared of fucking dudes who once fucked trannies. That’s due to the trannies testing positive for practically everything. If a transgender wants to become transgender then they should acknowledge what they are..A TRANSGENDER, NOT A WOMAN.

      What also sickens me is the trend of transgenders who pretend to be women to sleep with straight men. They’re all twisted people.

  6. I found this blog by searching up that exact phrase .. I don’t actually think that, it’s a horrible thing to think. Sometimes I google things so I can grind my teeth at all the evil things people think and type. I’m a gluten for punishment, I guess.

  7. Transexuals are scum. They don’t deserve basic human rights. They don’t deserve human dignity. They’re absolutely evil “people” who perpetrate evil on the innocent. Each and every one of you are fucking SCUM!

    (Ridgewood, Queens, NY, US)

  8. You know, I’m not a religious person. I hate religious zealots more than I do trannies and faggots.

    At least, I did before trannies and faggots started making up 20% of the people I see on a daily basis.


    IDGAF about those Jesus dick suckers who use religious and political ideologies to refute the TS PLAGUE, these faggot motherfuckers are disgusting and physically repulsive, and I shouldn’t have to look at a bunch of faggots rubbing all up on each other, wearing ridiculous outfits and being loud and fucking ignorant.

    When I see these normal faggots in their tight pants and designer shirts I already get pissed off, but when these faggot motherfuckers start running around in revealing dresses and start talking in that ridiculous drag queen voice I want to pull out a fucking gun and erase it from my presence forever.


    What the fuck yo? Are you faggots trying to kill the human race? Srsly.

    It’s bad enough women want to make it a crime to be a man in the first place.

    How can you support a bunch of fruited up whiny little bitches with more plastic in their body than natural tissue? Whose faces look like they were designed by Tom Savini? Whose behavior and mental well being are SO FUCKED UP that THE ONLY THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO is make yourself a freak of nature.

    If you weren’t born a hermaphrodite, you’re fucking defective. The only solution is to labotomize and or kill you.


    You gave up your human rights when you became a Barbie doll.

  9. I’m a transexual and I hate myself I’m a freak I’m scum and you are right I deserve to die and I wish somebody out there had the balls and the guts to kill me I’ve tried to commit suicide myself I don’t have the guts to do it if somebody out there has the guts to do it please help me please kill me I’m miserable I’m a disgusting freak of nature all I want to do is die

    1. I just want you to know that being a freak isn’t the worst thing in the world.

      In fact, some of the most beautiful, potent and kindest people in the world were written off as freaks.

      When someone uses the word freak to try and label you as worthless, broken or worse, they are just projecting their own need to appear normal.

      That’s true even when you do that. If you believe that you can only be worthy of life if you are not a freak then you denigrate the millions and millions of people who have been both freaks and amazing, beautiful people.

      You have a trans heart. You want to kill it off, want someone else to kill your body because you believe that nothing good, nothing happy, nothing positive, nothing beautiful can ever come to a freak.

      Millions of people who were written off as freaks by their family, their church, their community, their friends and who then went on to show themselves, to find a place where people could not only see past their freakness to a human heart but also understood that in our freak we claim beauty would disagree.

      Running from your freak factor, trying to destroy it, trying to destroy the heart which you fear is too freaky for the world is a waste of this human life that you have been given.

      Your creator made you as you are. Ask any little person, Siamese twin, gay or transperson: we know that this is just the way we are, no matter how much others fear our differences, how much they castigate us as freaks.

      There is possibility for you in the world, but not until you trust your heart rather than try to destroy it. Take the leap, trust your creation, and, as they say in Austin TX, “Let your freak flag fly!”

      Your sadness and desire to be destroyed, to declare “game over” is completely understandable. All of us who have felt the stigma of being trans in the world have felt it.

      So very many of us, though, have pushed into that pain and found the light within us, found people who can see, mirror and value us.

      Hitting rock bottom is hard. Sometimes you just need to do something bold, crazy and insane.

      Getting on a bus to go someplace queerer, though, is a good fuck-it-all move, and if that doesn’t work, well, your options are still open.

      I just want you to know that being a freak isn’t the worst thing in the world.

      In fact, some of the most beautiful, potent and kindest people in the world were written off as freaks.

      And I believe there is beauty and brilliance in that heart you feel like you have to destroy.

      Before you throw away your life, terminating your body, throw away your life in this world and start over, taking a rip at trusting that freak heart of yours.

      You are love, and I know that you can be loved, if you start by loving yourself for the beautiful freak that you are.

      This is hard to hear if you just want the pain to end, if you have your mind set, but you know that your heart really isn’t in it.

      Your heart, well, it’s ready to fly.


  10. Trannies disgust me. They are abominations and perversions that should be rounded up and euthanized. Seriously, why are these freaks even allowed to live?

  11. trennies are trult abominations and by the way God does not make mistakes. he destroyed Sodom and Gommorah for this satanic( baphomet) behavior

    1. Hang a fag from a crane.
      Hang a fag from a rail.

      Hang a fag from a stork.
      Hang a flag from a pole.

      Hang a fag from your lips.
      Hang a fag from a pink flamingo.

      Hang a fag from a limpkin.
      Hang a fag from a booby.

      Hang a fag from a marbled murrelet.
      Hang a fag from a great auk.

  12. I used to just think trannies were gross, but I actively and intensely hate them now because they are destroying society. Transgenderism is an extremely powerful cult that controls all of our major American institutions. Even corporations now spout the tranny propaganda, and they will harass, silence, and oppress you if you believe in biological science and reality. We need a revolution to eradicate the cultural Marxists who are oppressing us. Assassinate Joe Biden, kill all the CEOs and heads of corporations, execute all leftist professors; completely annihilate the liberal elite that are oppressing normal people and destroying our society.

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