When I Was 9

Like every normal 9 year old, when I was in 3d grade, I was passionate about urbane political satire.

That’s why I begged my parents to let me stay up until 10PM to watch That Was The Week That Was, an American version of the British show.

You want to know something about who I was as a kid?

This is what I loved:

2 thoughts on “When I Was 9”

  1. Ah, TW3! I watched it too. I’d have been about 13. I think most of my memories of it have been obscured by listening to Tom Lehrer songs, which I suppose I must have started in on because of the show.

  2. To be honest, I believe it was my earlier love of Allan Sherman that lead me to TW3. I had his albums and even the autobiography.

    But when I got to sixth grade and reviewed Harrison Salisbury’s “Behind The Lines: Hanoi,” well, that bit of controversy was partly because I watched TW3.

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