Transsexual Woman

It was a normal office visit for TBB.

While taking her history, the nurse inquired if she might be pregnant.

After testing her color blindness, the doctor explained that 9% of men have this defect.

He did look a bit abashed after he said it, realizing a bit of a faux pas.

Just a normal set of incidents in the life of a transsexual woman.

You know, like the fella who bought her drinks for a couple of nights, and after she finally sucked his cock, he wanted to suck hers.  ‘Course, much of hers is in a medical waste dump in Utah, so he was rather disappointed, presumably after enjoying loads of she-male porn; lots of men just can’t understand why anyone would get rid of something so wonderful as a penis.

TBB, well, she got to be incensed and to cut him dead.  That was good for her, and not a way to treat men that she got to try out when she was in school.   She felt empowered and others affirmed her value of herself.

We live on the cusp, and out there it’s often precarious.

Or, thanks to the unconsidered preconceptions of others, it’s just weird.

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